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To Be The Leading and Preferred Acrylic Supplier in South East Asia.


To Provide the Best Products and Services With the Shortest Time and Reasonable Cost Possible


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  • Weld-on Adhesives
    IPS leads the adhesives industry with the most complete line of solvent cements and adhesives for bonding plastics. You can count on consistent, high-quality WELD-ON® adhesives,...
  • PVC Sheets
    High-impact strength. Resistant to most industrial chemical except for some chlorinated and non-chlorinated hydrocarbons. Often used for for chemical storage tanks, towers, oil tanks, and photographic...
  • Prismatic Diffuser
    Prismatic Diffuser specially designed to add a maximum level of light diffusion. Very suitable for any uses to block / diffuse light of any grade...
  • Polycarbonate Sheets
    Polycarbonate Sheet is a tough, dimensionally stable, transparent thermoplastic that has many applications which demand high performance properties...
  • Fabrication Services
    With years of experiences and accountable products we produced each years, Highland Import & Export is the leading company in fabricating all your needs. From Display,...
  • Acrylic Accessories
    HIGHLAND supplies verities of Acrylic Accessories that will definitely suit any of your needs. From Mirror, to Bolts & Nuts, Hinges, Door Knob, to Latch and...
  • Acrylic Rods & Tubes
    HIGHLAND supplies verities of Acrylic Rods & Tubes Thickness as well as colors that will definitely suit any of your works...
  • Acrylic Sheets
    Acrylic sheet is a material with unique physical properties and performance characteristics. It weighs half as much as the finest optical glass, yet is equal to...